Historical Collection Update –December 1st, 2016
December 1, 2016 - Ed Milam, Illinois APCO
Historical Collection Update –December 1st, 2016
  1. Our article /document database on the Collection site stands at 44,518 entries. All articles from 1935 through December of 2014 have been entered. This month we continued the process of expanding our content to APCO’s earliest paper documents we have in the Collection. We are starting right at the beginning in 1935 and our current focus is 1935-1937 time period.
  2. Our linked image articles have reached a milestone of over 25,000 linked articles. We currently have 25,111 representing all articles for the following time frame 1935 – Oct, 1991 (in progress). Our on-line digital storage of magazine images crossed over the 100 gig mark for the first time and stands at 100.7 gigs.
  3. For the month of November, 2016 we hosted 312 web sessions by 184 different users who observed 771 website page views during their sessions.  For the period of January through November, 2016 we have hosted 2,786 web sessions by 2,461 different users who observed 7,881 website page views during their sessions.
  4. The majority of our activity involved data entry, scanning and training our new student workers.